Steve and Lenny Picket in Studio NYC
Steve and Morgan Spurlock, Oscars!
Steve and David Shire Compare Scores!
Horowitz, Frith, Glen, Plonsey, Looney
Steve with Morton Subotnik in SF
Steve With Lucky Mosko Circa 1990
Steve With Randy Hostetler Circa 1993
Steve with Slide Trumpet Master Steve Bernstein
Steve live with John Schafer, wnyc
Steve Live on Air in NYC with Elliott Sharp and Mia Masaoka
Steve Live with Dave Eggers
Steve Live With Theresa Wong
Steve live with Steve Adams
New Monsters & Vinny Golia
In Session at Studio Triology
With the Guerilla Composers Ensemble @ Studio Trilogy 2016
Code Ensemble In Studio 2016
The Flux Quartet Plays Horowitz @ the Kitchen, NYC
The Code Ensemble @ the Kitchen, NYC
The Code Ensemble Off Broadway, NYC
Steve and Elliot Sharp white box NYC
New Monsters on Tour, Ventura CA
With Left Coast Chamber @ The SF Conservatory of music
Frith, Bove, Horowitz, Wong Live!
On Stage @ Lick High School conducting the music of Sun Ra!
David Garland Panel NYC
Shire Panel Pelham NYC
Grammy Panel Expressions
Interview with Gino Robair
Live with Evans and Romero @ Spectrum New Music, NYC
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