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Thirty Four Albums of Mad-Capped Musical Madness and Growing, Just Click to Preview!

Guiles Theme-Street Fighter II - Yoko Shimomura
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Produced by Fluffy Schwartz

Artwork by JTA

Second Engineer, Nate Link

Dan Plonsey: Woodwinds 

Steve Horowitz: Bass

Scott Looney: Keyboards

Jim Bove: Drums & Percussion

This album is a homage to three legendary composers, Nabuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomora and Manaka Kataoka. Wonderfully talented musicians whose work deserves to be studied, re-interpreted, and introduced to fans all over the world. 

“Video game music is often known for its tight forms and meticulously penned iconic themes. Fantasy Kingdom is more like a playful conversation between good friends. It uses experimental techniques to change the function and meaning of the music while still maintaining an understanding and respect for the original music. Fantasy Kingdom shows off a vital feature of music; a good piece of music is adaptable, expandable, and infinitely enjoyable in thousands of different styles and contexts. -Brennan Anderson, Riot Games

(C) 2024 Fluff-Tone Digital

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